kaxa Kakha oghadze
Founder, Tour Coordinator:
Philologist. Since 1998 he's been travelling to various regions of Georgia. In 2004, along with his friends, he founded a popular Georgian Hiking Forum - karavi.ge . He's been actively involved in the tourists events organized by the forum. Since 2007 he initiated various expeditions in upper Svaneti and other regions of Georgia. In 2010, he established a tourist company "Toba Travel" with his good friend- Johnny Kapanadze. He has visited all regions of Georgia, including Abkhazia and Samachablo. Has a wife and two children.

joni Johnny Kapanadze
Founder, Tour Coordinator:
Psychologist, theologist. Since 2008 he's been actively involved in tourism in Georgia, may it be mountaineering, cultural, adventure and extreme tours. He's a founder of Adventure Travel Company- 'Toba Travel " since 2010; A certified guide assigned by the Guides Associationof Georgia staring 2013, Since 2014 - a certified guide for wine tourism. 2015 he's a co-host of the radio show called "Discover Georgia at Radio "Jaco - jibiTimes". He became a Founder and a Chairman of the Georgian Hiking Association in 2015.

nika Nikoloz Mchedlidze

zura Zura Egetashvili
Programmer, Web developer